Jeff the Maytag Man

Jeff the Maytag Man

Maytags Only!

I am probably the only person in Israel who services, repairs, imports and reconditions ONLY Maytag appliances. I have been Service Manager for earlier importers of Maytag machines and continue to give personal service. Be it a washer, dryer or range, I have the parts for it, gas or electric.

If you feel handy enough to fix it yourself, I will walk you through the procedures, but I do not advise you to attempt repairs on gas systems, however tempting the thought may be.

I often have recondition washers and dryers for sale too, all of which are warranted for a full year from the date of installation and include delivery charges. If you have an older model gas dryer with a pilot light, it can be converted to an Electronic Ignition system, doing away with the need to keep a flame burning all year, safer, easier and cheaper, the end to lying on the floor with a lighted match!

Your new washer or dryer won’t fit through the door to the laundry room? No problem: in almost every case, the machine can be dismantled in order to fit through the narrowest of doorframes. Not enough floor space for a side-by-side washer dryer arrangement? It is possible to stack the dryer above the washer. Yes, I know that you are going to say “But the washer opens from the top, you are talking rubbish, Jeff” Nope, not rubbish, just talking of a clever solution…

If you need service, advice or handy tips on operation and maintenance, just give me a call or drop me a line.

Jeff The Maytag Man

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