Jeff the Maytag Man

Maytag and I,

A Love Affair…

I have always been involved in appliance sales and service, beginning in after-school hours back in England during the 50’s. There, apprentice service men were taught how to give the best possible advice to the client regard cost efficiency, were coached for diligence and reliability and above all had to show honesty in all their dealings.

Woe betide an erring apprentice who needlessly changed a part, or worse, said that he had installed a new part but kept the new item for himself, leaving the customer to pay for something that they had not received.

In Israel, while living in a Kibbutz and later on a Moshav for 12 years, I was involved in the electrical and mechanical installations of light and medium manufacturing plants in the plastic, steel and wood industries that were allied to Office Furniture production. I built counting and bagging machines for the agricultural sector as well as some very accurate devices for controlling processes that are temperature critical during flower growing.

It was when I left for greener pastures and The City Life that I fell in love with Maytag appliances, causing me to forsake all other brands! Their basic engineering concepts, ease of service and Built-In Reliability won me over. When you look at the insides of a Maytag washer or dryer you can see how everything is designed for reliability, indeed, there are many Maytag washers and dryers around today that have passed the 35 year old mark and are still giving day in, day out, service to their owners. That is not to say that the machines have not required attention throughout their time in the laundry room but they are certainly not ready for the garbage heap yet! I do not sell or service any products which are not of Genuine Maytag Manufacture.

Jeff, The Maytag Man

The nick-name “Jeff, The Maytag Man” was bestowed on me by a number of Anglo clients on the Raanana list, an Anglo E-list which must be the most popular and active group list in Israel. (A self-help group and discussion forum for Ra'anana residents and people interested in the city.)

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Perhaps you need advice on features or care of your Maytag appliance, want to repair it yourself or need parts? Call me, I can guide you through many repair procedures and save you money.

Having said all that, the takeover of the Maytag, Amana and Magic Chef brands, amongst others, has certainly changed many aspects of what you can expect from these brands in terms of reliability and value for money.